Noopept is one of the most popular nootropic or smart drug known for its neuroprotective properties as well as its cognitive enhancement capabilities. Initially started in Russia, the distribution of the drug Noopept has now spread to Europe as well as North America. Noopept Review shows that the quick action formula of the stimulant Noopept sets it apart from nootropic since the general reaction time for an average nootropic is a minimum few weeks.

Noopept has also been gaining popularity due to its multi-faceted actions on various cognition related areas such as memory, alertness, focus, learning abilities, etc. The potency of the drug Noopept is also such that you can feel the same results with a lower dosage as you would with a high dosage of other common brain stimulant drugs.

What is Noopept?

Noopept is by nature a brain psychostimulant, which affects the neurotransmitters in the central nervous system that brings a change in your cognitive abilities as well as attention related issues.

The stimulant Noopept is closely related to the racetam group of drugs. However, the composition is different from that of typical racetam drug. However, it is considered to be almost 1000 times more potent than other racetam drugs such as aniracetam, etc.

You may find that the price of the drug Noopept is exorbitantly high when you compare it with other typical racetam drugs with similar functionality. Though this may be partially correct, you should also keep in mind that the recommended dosage for Noopept is almost 1/10th of what would be in the case of piracetam and aniracetam. Since Noopept is easily absorbed into the bloodstream, small dosages themselves are sufficient in most cases.

Is Noopept Legal?

Noopept as a brain stimulant and nootropic was launched in Russia and produced there for the use of cognition enhancement, as well as to treat certain neurological disorders such as attention related issues, focus and reading ability enhancement, etc.

Though the stimulant Noopept is launched and patented in Russia, it is legal to be used in Russia and USA also. However, Noopept is yet to be approved by FDA explicitly. On the contrary in the UK, the drug Noopept is classified to be a prescription drug and is highly regulated. But, a small amount can be procured by the people for personal use.

Hence, this implies that Noopept is free and legal to be used by you for any purpose without any fear of imprisonment or punishment. However, the non-regulation by FDA means that the drug Noopept is not approved for any specific medical use as of now.

What does Noopept do?

Noopept is a peptide that works on the neurotransmitters in the brain or central nervous system to improve the level of various receptors and chemical releases to enhance your cognitive abilities. Taking Noopept regularly will lead to an increase in your alertness, focus, and concentration in the day to day life. The drug Noopept gets mixed into the bloodstream and gets affiliated with the neurotransmitters in the brain. Some studies believe that the drug Noopept promotes two proteins that generate and preserve fresh neurons. This has a lasting effect on the central nervous system.

How does Noopept work?

Noopept like all typical nootropic interacts with the neurotransmitters in the brain, to bring out improvements in your cognitive abilities, and other neurological characteristics. Noopept, in particular, is known to increase the alpha wave related activity in the brain as well as have an antioxidant action on the neurons to enable the improvements.

The antioxidative action protects the neurons from apoptosis. Noopept also inhibits the glutamate neurotoxicity, to release phenylacetic acid, prolyglycine, and cyclo-prolyglycine, etc.

The acetylcholine system is targeted, and once you take Noopept, it gets absorbed via the GI tract to reach the blood-brain barrier where the effect begins. Glutamate receptors site are broken down to increase the release of Glutamate. The drug Noopept also increases the oxygen levels in the brain, giving you clarity in your thinking and general thought processes.

All these interactions result in an increase in learning abilities, better focus, information processing and memory recall abilities in addition to the cognitive benefits.

Noopept effects

Noopept Review of benefits

Noopept, a very potent brain stimulator has gained popularity over the years as a nootropic mainly because of its versatility along with its efficiency in treating the disorders.

When you start taking Noopept in small doses, you will start experiencing various effects such as better memory recall, a focused mind, etc. depending on your physiological conditions.

The most common benefit for which Noopept is used all over is an increase in mental energy coupled with a great improvement in your learning and recall ability. The effect on long-term memory by the drug Noopept is extra-ordinary and is considered the best in this area. The increase in mental energy leads you to be better focused in your daytime work while the better memory recall gives you a confidence boost.

Noopept is also considered to reduce brain damaged by acting as a neuroprotectant by playing the role of an antioxidant. There is also an increase in NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) levels as well as in BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor). These are key to improve cognitive functions.

When you consume Noopept, it is also found that our brain develops synapses to increase and enhance brain communication. Studies also have started to recommend Noopept for the treatment of Alzheimer’s patients saying that the stimulant would be able to aid in the treatment.

How to take Noopept?

The drug Noopept is highly potent and hence should be taken in small dosages only. There are two ways of consuming Noopept. You can either take it orally or sublingually.

When you take Noopept orally, that is directly by mouth the effects are little slow and reduced than expected. This is because the drug contents needs to be broken down by enzymes before the drug gets mixed in our blood stream and starts taking action.

The act of taking the drug sublingually means that you need to keep the medicine under your tongue and let it sit there for a while until it gets dissolved slowly along with the spit. This lets it get absorbed in the bloodstream. Since here there is no processing time by the enzymes, this is considered to be the most effective way of consuming Noopept.

Also, it is recommended that the stimulant Noopept is consumed at the time of day where you need to be focused and energized such as morning or early afternoon. In case you take it at night, there are chances of the drug disturbing your sleep patterns by keeping you alert and energized.

Recommended Dosage

When we compare other nootropics, Noopept is known to have much lower dosages which ideally begins from 10-30mg per day. This is considered to be very low in comparison to Piracetam’s 400mg dosage per day. Noopept’s potency is the reason for the low dosages.

This 40mg dosage is supposed to be taken in cycles such as twice or thrice a day with care not to exceed 40mg per day.

noopept dosage

These small dosages are effective as Noopept gets metabolized easily into the bloodstream and hence requires very less time to begin its interaction with the neurotransmitters. The multiple dosages also help since Noopept is known to have a short life.

Even though most labels and studies mention that the recommended dosage is around 40mg, the exact dosage that would work with your body will depend on your requirement as well your physiological characteristics and conditions.

For beginners, the dosage can go as less as 7mg and go up to 40mg gradually depending on your body’s reaction to the drug Noopept. It is also to be taken in cycles only and not on a regular basis.

Noopept cycle

Noopept due to its strong brain interactions is not recommended to be taken for a long period of time. Along with small dosages, care must also be taken to make sure that the drug Noopept is being taken in a cyclic manner and not on a regular basis. That is, for example in case you have taken the stimulant Noopept for a week, you should take a break for one week before resuming the regime.

Ideally, the cycle for Nootropic-like Noopept is approximately 56:4, i.e., you can consume the drug for 56 days post which you would have to take a break for 4 days.

Noopept Side Effects

Noopept as a brain stimulant has unmatched benefits however there are certain side effects or disadvantages that are encountered in this segment of wonder drugs or Nootropic when taken on a regular basis.

Upon consumption of Noopept regularly for improvement in cognitive functions and other disorders you can expect certain reactions such as headaches, nervousness, restlessness, etc. These side effects manifest themselves when the dosage taken by you is not in tune with your body’s physiological conditions. The best remedy for these is to reduce the dosage and change the cycle to reduce the side effects.

Noopept when taken in combination with other stimulants, i.e., in forms of stacks also leads to certain side effects such as anxiety, depressions, etc.

Noopept Tolerance

Any new chemical that is being introduced in the bloodstream runs the risk of being tagged by the immune system as a potential threat. The Same logic applies in the case of Nootropic such as Noopept also. Though Noopept does not have an abuse potential, prolonged usage can lead to developing tolerance by your body and rendering the drug without any effect on the neurotransmitters and the central nervous system.

However, tolerance is not developed overnight; it is a process that takes place over several weeks and continuous usage. Tolerance development in the body necessitates administration of higher dosages which may induce a lot of side effects.

However, it can be handled by cycling the dosage of Noopept and avoiding continuous usage. When you take a break from the regime, the tolerance begins to wane and becomes nil after 2-3 weeks of no consumption.

Noopept Half Life

The half-life of the drug indicates the time taken by the drug/compound/stimulant to become half of its original quantity in the bloodstream. Noopept also a half life and is considered to be 30-60 minutes. This small half-life is evidence of Noopept’s potency and quick action formula as it takes less than an hour to mix in the bloodstream and begin its interaction with your brain and central nervous system.

You should, however, understand that the half-life does not mean that the drug does not exist in our body after that or that it will not have any effect. Noopept especially is known to have a lasting effect which can go up to 3 -4 hours after you have consumed Noopept.

Where to buy Noopept?

The drug Noopept is patented in US and Russia and is legally available for sale in a lot of countries such as India, US, Australia, Canada, UK, etc. The drug Noopept is majorly sold in online stores and is very rarely found in traditional offline brick and mortar establishments. Some of the safe and trustworthy websites for the purchase of Noopept are absorbyourhealth.com, amazon.com, ebay.com, nootropics.eu, fromrushop.com, peaknootropics, etc.

where to buy noopept

It is imperative to exercise caution and read the individual manufacturer reviews on all online and offline portals before buying the product online as there are chances of getting duped. Stores like cerebral health, smart powders have a reputation of not being safe places to make the purchase from.