What is Phenibut?

Phenibut is an anti-anxiety supplement which was first made in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1963. Russian astronaut’s medical kit always contains Phenibut in it as an anti-stress and anti-anxiety substance that can be taken without affecting performance. Most of the peolple resort to this supplement for it's mood and performance enhnacing effects. But, as is the case with any other Nootropic, the absence of proper dosage information can complicate things. So here is the guide that will give complete information on Phenibut dosage amount for different individuals with different personalities and chemical composition.

Phenibut is a synthetic form of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). GABA is one of the primary brain’s inhibitory neurotransmitter which regulates the neuronal excitability of the central nervous system. In simple term, it is the role of GABA to see that our brain does not become hyperactive. But still, we use Phenibut instead of GABA because Phenibut crosses the blood-brain barrier much more effectively.

Phenibut is used by people to take advantage of calming and yet mentally stimulating, effects. It is one of the best supplements for people who live a fast paced and stressful life. While some people use Phenibut as “mood enhancer” some use it as merely a “performance enhancer.”

It is difficult to quantify the benefits of Phenibut; it is becoming more and more popular because it gives focus and calmness without the jitters of caffeine or depressant effect of alcohol.

Phenibut Benefits

Each one of us wants an easy access to childhood like state; it is the best state with feelings of happiness mixed with excitement and love for the world, which is possible if we are all “calm and relaxed” and interestingly both these are the most cited benefits of Phenibut.

Phenibut not only helps us in being calm and composed but also in boosting mood, treating anxiety and helping promote healthy sleep.

Moderate Phenibut Dosage improves user’s mood, helping him from not to over think i.e. having more control over feelings and thoughts and making him more sociable. It helps in reducing negativity and self-consciousness.

The person taking Phenibut will feel reduced anxiety and nervousness because Phenibut is a synthetic form of GABA which regulates the overall neural processing.

One of the primary reasons for taking Phenibut is to improve sleep quality. If one experiences trouble while sleeping or feels that he/ she does not get enough sleep than a higher dose of Phenibut can aid the user in getting a full night sleep and getting up in the morning feeling refreshed.

Using this supplement can also improve some cognitive abilities, such as improved learning capacity and verbal memory i.e. ability to recall things more easily and quickly. This is possible because Phenibut has a neuroprotective characteristic, which protects the brain from the potential neuron cell damage that occurs because of high-stress hormones.

Phenibut as a nootropic interacts in a very complicated way with our body and brain. It supports the communication within both the hemispheres of the brain providing us with a long list of benefits, from reducing stress and improved attention to providing better sleep and problem-solving abilities, thus providing a sense of overall well-being.

How does Phenibut Works?

Phenibut (beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid) like we said earlier is a derivative of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). OR it can be said that Phenibut is the key to unlock GABA-receptors of the brain.

GABA is the most important neurotransmitter which is known for being the primary inhibitory transmitter found within the brain and central nervous system.

Actually any compound that tickles the GABA receptors is the key but then also instead of using GABA we use Phenibut because it can more easily pass through our blood-brain barrier, creating effects of relaxation, social ease, pain relief and better sleep.

Alcohol and any other prescribed anti-anxiety compounds also bind to GABA receptors, but unlike Phenibut they unlock the GABA–A receptors causing depressant mood whereas Phenibut interacts with GABA-B receptors which does not cause depressant mood and gives slightly different effects.

When Phenibut interacts with GABA receptors, then it produces a fast tolerance by lowering the brain response to the signals coming from the Central Nervous System.

In this way, Phenibut provides several benefits like-anxiety relief, improved cognitive function, stress relief, better memory retention and good quality sleep.

How much Phenibut to take

Phenibut is a Nootropic supplement which is naturally derived. It is a chemical with the property of lowering the stimulation level of the brain. It regulates the over-active neurons by reducing their firing rate, therefore providing a calming anti-anxiety effect over both brain and body.

Phenibut is also referred as a high-powered delivery system of GABA, which can make changes in the Central Nervous System. Because of these highly crucial role played by this supplement in the brain, proper care and thought must be put in planning Phenibut dosage.

Some people abuse Phenibut or let’s say they don’t understand how to take it properly. They think that like caffeine, Phenibut is also harmless and is great and start taking it on a daily basis in high amounts which then ultimately leads to the possibility of forming Phenibut tolerance.

So to get the best out of this brain supplement, one must choose the right dosage for use.

But with all this here comes the best part about Phenibut dosage, that one can use different dosage for different effects.

With whatever effects you want, we would always suggest that you play safe. That is to start with taking a lower dose and then monitoring its effects and then gradually moving on to higher doses because each’s body react differently to different dosage levels.

The optimal Phenibut dosage

Phenibut comes in two 2 variations: 50 gram and 100 gram. But new users should begin with the lowest effective dose of 250mg so that your body gets the feel of high GABA which is being supplied. But if you feel that it is a typically low Phenibut Dosage and you see other guides suggesting to take 2g for the beginners then that is completely wrong. One should proceed slowly by carefully observing the effects at a lower level and think of raising their Phenibut dosage.

Usually, 1 gram of Phenibut is sufficient to make you productive without making you feel sleepy or any other negative side effects. It is the perfect dose which will last for about 7 hours, you can take it twice a day, but it is not at all recommended.

Before telling you the schedule of how much and when to take Phenibut we would first recommend Cycling Phenibut on every other day, cycling makes it easier for your brain to handle Phenibut.

Cycling is the best ways to prevent dependency and addiction, and it is very simple to implement. There are 2 types of Phenibut cycles 1st) is cycle days that is for every one day you take Phenibut you also take the next day off. 2nd) is cycle weeks which is more effective i.e. one week on and one week off. By doing this, even your 50g of Phenibut will last for several months.

Dosing schedule

First step

When you wake up, take 1 gram of Phenibut on a empty stomach. If you are using pills, it will be equivalent to 2 pills. You can take it in 2 ways: - a) either you swallow it down, by placing it at the back of your throat and drinking water over it b) or you can mix it with water and drink it. Aftertaste will be sour which will go by rinsing.

It is recommended to combine Phenibut with a stimulant not because Phenibut makes you anxious but to increase the energy from whatever you take. 1 cup of coffee, 2 diet sodas or 1 energy drink will be sufficient.

You can also consider of taking it with Adderall which is a harder stimulant to get even better results but should not make a habit of doing this.

Tip: - if you want to eat anything, you can have it 45 minutes after your 1st Phenibut dose.

Second step

Wait for 2 hours and evaluate how you feel. Phenibut usually takes 2 hrs to show noticeable effects.

But if you honestly feel that there is no change at all, you can consider taking additional 500mg of Phenibut. This would be sufficient.

Third step

Wait for another 5 hours and Phenibut will kick in and you will be able to feel the effects.

After this 2+5 = 7 hr mark you will not face any trouble in identifying that your Phenibut is working.

Now it’s the time to enjoy the new you, who is more fantastic, awesome and fearless.

Go out and smile it’s your time now.

Remember never to exceed the 2 gram limit of Phenibut in 24 hour period.

Best way to take Phenibut

Phenibut comes in 2 forms capsule or powdered, choosing one, or the other is a personal choice, but it should be taken on an empty stomach.

Phenibut in powdered form has a strong sour taste. It can be taken in 2 ways. Mix it with the water and drink it just like that, the second method is to mix it with a short glass of juice to minimize its bitter taste.

The best way to take Phenibut is as a capsule, is very simple to take capsule just swallow it with water, this will save you from experiencing the sour taste.

Last but not the least some people like to take it by injecting Phenibut instead of it taking it orally. This method has had the success because it reduces the amount of time taken by Phenibut to kick in, but it can be a dangerous way and hence should be avoided.

How long does it take to work?

Everyone take Phenibut in different dosage according to their body and for different reasons, anxiety being the chief. So everyone will feel its effects after different times. Phenibut does work quickly, but it is not instantaneous. On an average, it will take 5 to 7 hours to kick in, and for you clearly see its effects. Meanwhile in the interim, it is not recommended to take an extra dose.

How long does Phenibut last?

In the blood, Phenibut has the half-life of around 5 hours, at a dosage of 250 mg. This means that after 5 hours, the chemical will have lost half of its potency in the body.

But still, the answer to how long it works varies significantly. Some users say that the effects of Phenibut are short-lasting while most others experience the effects of Phenibut for as long as 24 hours after taking a dose. This means that you are likely to go to bed at night and wake up still enjoying some benefits of Phenibut.

Longevity of Phenibut in your body dependent upon several things:-

  • Your body’s metabolism
  • Time since your last meal
  • Your tolerance for Phenibut
  • The environment you are in
  • How much caffeine (or other stimulant) that you have consumed

Is Phenibut safe?

Phenibut has a lot of benefits, but like with any other supplement, there are potential side effects also.

Some mild side effects of using Phenibut are upset stomach, dizziness, tiredness, short-term memory reduction and lethargy.

One of the biggest and most serious side effects is an addiction. Possible signs of addiction are sustained high dosage and continuing to take it for longer than planned.

This then develops into effects of tolerance and people often increase the dosage to find relief instead of using cycling method.

Overdose of Phenibut for long period to seek relief from tolerance will then lead to

  • Lowered body temperature
  • Sleepiness
  • Vomiting and constipation
  • Tremor
  • Hallucination
  • Nausea
  • Muscle tension
  • Reduced appetite
  • Cognitive deficits


After going through all the plus and minus of phenibut, one can confidently say that Phenibut is the best drug for those who want mood upliftment, an increase in energy and a decrease in anxiety. One important thing to be kept in mind while taking Phenibut is to never Mix it with Alcohol. It is also recommended that if anyone has any prior substance abuse problem especially with alcohol then they should not take Phenibut because the chances of tolerance development are very high. For those who want to take Phenibut to get all the benfits always remember to take it in the right dosage and enjoy.