We all live in a competitive world, if you want to win in this competitive world you need to keep your cool, stay focused and find a way to win against all the odds. To get all these people quite commonly search for some medicines and supplements. It is where Adrafinil comes into the picture. You will find out all the necessary information you need to figure out if adrafinil is fit for you in our Adrafinil reviews.

Adrafinil is a synthetic nootropic, considered to be a eugeroic which acts as a stimulant. Adrafinil is a nootropic supplement which is very well known for its ability to improve concentration and alertness. Doctors have been using this product for a long time now to treat patients.

In the late 1970s a French pharmaceutical company named as Lafon discovered this drug and since then it is being used particularly to treat patients with excessive tiredness, lethargy and sleeping disorder.

Adrafinil is considered as a stimulant which halts the breakdown of dopamine and boosts serotonin amount. This drug is particularly very effective for increasing daytime wakefulness and for enhancing mood.

What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil compound works in a very similar fashion as that of modafinil, or we can also say that adrafinil is a precursor to modafinil i.e. after taking adrafinil, modafinil level in our body increases.

But how this happen, adrafinil is a stimulant to our nervous system. In our nervous system, we have catecholamine hormones and the adrenergic system, these both respond to excitement and stress by releasing epinephrine (adrenalin) and producing adrenalin rush feeling. Adrafinil as a nootropic helps in satisfying this adrenalin rush and thus boosting mental energy and improving concentration.

What is Adrafinil

Users of adrafinil experience a noticeable effect of energy boost after taking it, it helps the user to stay awake and have a better focus on important things without any fatigue and most importantly, all this is done without promoting hyperactivity.

How does Adrafinil works?

As with most of the other nootropics, adrafinil interacts with our body in the very complicated way; this supplement is thought to improve the level of a substance called neurotransmitter hypocretin. This is a neurotransmitter which leads to an increased production of hormones like Dopamine and Histamine. Both these hormones are directly related to our mental and physical health thus improving concentration and wakefulness.

Research also shows that adrafinil increases the cognitive power. According to the theory, this smart drug helps in the breakdown of Glutamate receptors which are the main working force behind our cognitive power of the brain. Therefore Improved memory, better brain and neurons communication and better problem-solving skills are thus enhanced when adrafinil properly activate these receptors and pathways.

Not only this but if one increases the dosage of adrafinil, then it would help in preventing the breakdown of dopamine, which could help our body to reduce fatigue and improve our mood.

Adrafinil Effects

Adrafinil like any other nootropic has lots of benefits which are already being discussed above, let’s jot them down:-

  • Unbreakable focus
  • High level of alertness
  • Wakefulness
  • Increased energy and stamina for daily activities
  • Increased levels of productivity
  • Gives increased attention and motivation
  • Reduces stress
  • Promotes overall sense of well-being
  • Improves memory
  • Better learning capacity
  • Boosts concentration for long hours

Because of this long and wide list of benefits, Adrafinil Reviews shows that it has become quite popular amongst:-

Students- providing them the stamina to put in an extra bit of work during exam days. Those who have competitive exam are also benefited because it helps in recalling things that they have learned and increasing their speed and accuracy especially to take advantage of objective type questions.

Thus making them achieve a higher level of success in both school and college life and their jobs.

Employees: - especially those working in night shifts like doctors and nurses and employees in the corporate world which is full of competition and one needs full focus and concentration to succeed. Adrafinil helps by providing high levels of energy which boosts motivation and provides positive attitude.

Taxi and truck drivers: - who as per their occupation needs to drive for long distances that too mainly in the night are benefited by adrafinil because it provides a concentration for long hours.

Reduction in a number of accidents: - these accidents mostly occur on the road when one suffering from drowsiness returns for home after heavy working hours and then while driving they dose of which many time ends up with severe road accidents. For these people, Adrafinil is a must as it keeps them awake and alert and thus benefiting them.

Reduced exhaustion while in work: - working environments which require high mental abilities often becomes stress full with the passage of time, and people end up straining their body and mind. In these cases, Adrafinil provides high brain capabilities which make it much easier to focus on work without getting distracted or exhausted.

At the end of the day, we could say that adrafinil has lots of benefits for each one of us and offers the best value for money.

Adrafinil Reviews on how to use it?

Adrafinil is a strong nootropic whose usage is very simple. Adrafinil like other supplements comes in 2 forms one is powder, which is water soluble and can be mixed with a drink. Other is simple capsule form.

It is recommended that those who are planning on taking adrafinil for a long period should take it in cycles i.e. take it for one week and the next week should be off, and they should also consult their doctors because this supplement can have some side effects on the liver if taken for an extended period.

Adrafinil Dosage

For every nootropic, the advice is to begin using the supplement in a small dose and then too increase the dosage if needed after few weeks have passed because this will ensure that now your body can adjust to it. The same advice goes for adrafinil; start with small dose and increase it gradually if required.

Adrafinil Dosage

The most appropriate and recommended daily dosage for adrafinil is between 150mg and 300mg. One should start with this amount and see how it makes them feel.

Beginners can start with even a smaller dose of 100mg only because Adrafinil is a strong nootropic.

Adrafinil should not be taken more than thrice a week, and its use should not be continued for more than five months, if someone is planning to increase this time duration, then they should first consult their doctor, so as to avoid any damage to the liver.

Adrafinil side effects

Anyone who is considering taking this drug will want to know the side effects of adrafinil. Adrafinil provides lots of benefits, but this does not mean that it does not have any side effects, in fact, some negative are associated with it. Some are short term, and some are long term.

Let’s see what these negatives are:-

Though most of the adrafinil’s side effects are short term then also one should take them into account especially if they are planning to take it for long term these are:-

A headache, dry mouth, nausea, disturbed sleep, dizziness, loss of appetite, nausea, hallucinations, chest pains, irritability, and anxiety. Although it is being observed that these symptoms get dissolved within a week or so but still if one feels that they are continuing for the long term, then it is advisable to stop the intake of adrafinil and consult a doctor.

Chest pain and heart strain are serious side effects, and therefore anyone having any heart problem is not advised to take this drug without doctor’s recommendation.

Also, some reviews show that users of adrafinil sometimes face digestive tract and abdominal problems, which leads to stomach cramps and lower abdominal pain. But these effects are very moderate in nature if in case they last for a long time; then again take opinion from a doctor before using them again.

These all were mild side effects with rare instances of users complaining about them. There are few serious side effects which are being documented when this medicine is taken for a long period. These are related to the functioning of the liver.

Adrafinil reviews also shows that overdose or taking adrafinil for long period results in high accumulation of harmful enzymes in the liver also referred as Adrafinil liver toxicity. This happens because the liver is given an additional work to breakdown this drug into another common compound modafinil which leads to the rise in the level of enzymes to a certain dangerous level which can then damage our liver in the long run.

So if one is planning a start a regime with adrafinil, then it is advisable to monitor liver functioning on a regular basis.

And to prevent this problem this supplement should be taken only once or twice a week, giving time to the liver to rest and reducing the chances of accumulation of harmful chemicals.

So in the end, if you face any of these side effects then seek medical attention immediately, be open to your doctor about the effects and take dosage as prescribed by him.

Adrafinil Stack

The synthetic nootropic stimulant, Adrafinil is known to be one of the best supplements in the market right now for cognitive enhancement, mood upliftment, improve alertness and wakefulness in you. Though it is found quite effective individually also, combining it with other nootropic improves Adrafinil efficacy and helps achieve the desired result faster. The Adrafinil stacks are not only for cognitive enhancements but are conceived for improving concentration, energy levels, memory boosting, anxiety treatment, etc.

The most common stacks that you would come across are Adrafinil with Noopept, Adrafinil and piracetam, Adrafinil with phenibut, and Adrafinil with phenylpiracetam, etc. They can be combined on your own also depending on your requirement once you have a basic knowledge of the usage of the individual nootropic. Each stack has a different usage depending on the nootropic that is stacked with Adrafinil.

Adrafinil Stacks

The stack of Adrafinil and Noopept is to be specifically employed when you would require yourself to be alert during long periods of work and you would have to be extra attentive and focused. Recommended dosage would be 15-30 mg of noopept with 100mg of adrafinil.

Adrafinil and piracetam stacks are famous study and brain oxidant stacks; they help you in staying focused and motivated along with having a calming effect on you so that you concentrate and study well.

Adrafinil and phenibut stacks are majorly used to improve your concentration, alertness by keeping you a heightened sense of focus. Recommended dosage would be 1-1.5 gram phenibut with 600 mg adrafinil.


Toward the finish of everything, when one takes a look at the different components, upsides, and downsides of the medication through this Adrafinil reviews guide, one understands that there is no need to feel that the medication is not safe. It is exceptionally safe, and the symptoms specified above are few and far between. It is a medication that is turning out to be to a greater extent a need nowadays given the changing elements of employments around the nation and the world. It is likewise not extremely costly when purchased from genuine online stores and, in this manner, it is something that will help people to end up distinctly more beneficial, sharp, dynamic and valuable to society in more routes than one.