What is Noopept?

Nootropics are known as smart drugs due to their cognition enhancing capabilities. Noopept is one such drug. Noopept, a peptide is one such drug which is famous in Russia as a nootropic. The specialty of the stimulant Noopept is that it has a stronger action than other nootropics who takes weeks or even months to act. It is therefore important to have complete information on Noopept Dosage before consuming it, this guide will take you through complete dosage guidelines.

Noopept as a stimulant is thought to be of the racetm category of drugs due to its cognizance enhancement property. However, the composition of Noopept differs from a typical racetm. However, the properties of Noopept namely the modulation of the acetylcholine system, and also the modulation of AMPA receptors are similar to that of racetams.

How it works?

Noopept is a psychostimulant and works by interacting with the neurotransmitters in the brain. It has been observed that noopept increases activity and alpha waves in the brain regions, thus enabling the improvement in cognitive enhancement.

In certain studies, you will observe that there are four ways the Noopept drug works which are namely its antioxidative action protecting the neurons from apoptosis, the second being inhibition of glutamate neurotoxicity. The other two mechanics of actions are increased neuronal plasticity and increase in expression of endogenous nootropics in the brain such as phenylacetic acid, prolyglycine, and cyclo-prolyglycine, etc.

These actions enable you to have a safe and effective way to improve the learning abilities, and also their cognitive functions. It also provides better concentration levels, information processing abilities, etc.

It is found to be highly potent than a racetm drug and is a prodrug for cycloprolylglycine. The major use for Noopept in is providing a cognitive boost as well as a mild psychostimulatory effect.

How is Noopept different from other Nootropics?

Some of the strongest cognitive enhancers available in the market currently are Pramiracetam, Phenylpiracetam and Oxiracetam and Noopept. In this, it is observed that the drug Noopept is 1000 times stronger than Piracetam and Oxiracetam is about five times more potent than Piracetam hence you can understand that Noopept is the strongest of all.

In terms of effectiveness also, Piracetam has a very limited scope of function in cognitive facilities, whereas Noopept is known to able to treat multiple cognitive disorders. Moreover, Piracetam has faster but short-lived effects when compared to Noopept.

What does Noopept feel like?

Noopept being a brain stimulant interacts with the brain neurons and slowly brings out a change in you. After taking Noopept, you will begin to motivated, focused and little happier than usual. You will become slightly more alert, have a good memory and also begin to feel relaxed and a little light-headed within 20-3 minutes of taking Noopept.

Some begin to experience a little dizziness, heavy headedness along with a nauseous feeling. It is recommended to try smaller dosages in these instances.

Benefits of taking Noopept pills

There are various ways you can benefit from taking Noopept drug. The most important and famous benefit of Noopept is its memory enhancing function along with the ability to improve your learning process. This is done by Noopept by ensuring and facilitating the proper management of stimuli received by the brain in a more streamlined manner. Memory lapses are greatly reduced while using Noopept.

Another key benefit of Noopept is that it has high neuroprotective properties. If you have cognitive impairment, you will be pleased to know that a regular dosage of Noopept will help them prevent this impairment in cognitive functions.

Noopept also leads to increase in levels of NGF (Nerve Growth Factor), which is a key to being capable of all cognitive functions as well as an increase in the level of BDNF. BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor) is also important for cognitive functions and is a protein that is responsible for long term and short term memory formation.

Benefits of Noopept

Noopept Dosage: How much and when to take

In terms of dosage when compared to other nootropic, you can know that Noopept has much lower dosages and its lower standard dose begins from 10-30mg when compared to Piracetam’s 4800mg dosage. This 10-30mg is taken twice or thrice a day. However, Noopept’s dosage must not be more than 40mg in a day or a 24-hour cycle.

The various levels of dosage of Noopept are given below:

  • Threshold– ~7mg
  • Low– 7 mg – 10 mg
  • Moderate– 10 mg – 20 mg
  • High– 20 mg – 35 mg

The smaller dosages are found effective since the drug Noopept gets metabolized quite quickly in our body and has a short life. Hence, the multiple doses work better when compared to one large dose.

If you have just started taking the drug Noopept, it is recommended that you begin with the minimum effective dose and increase the dosage only once it has been observed to have no issues. The optimum dosages would vary from each individual to individual. Most labels mention a cycle of 1.5-3 weeks which can be continued after a month’s break.

Noopept is generally in its powder form and is placed under the tongue or is mixed with water before consuming.

Though the recommended Noopept dosage is 10-40mg, nailing the correct dosage is dependent on individual physiology. The effectiveness depends on each person, and also on the dosages taken by them along with the medication period. The drug Noopept is said to have a combined or cumulative effect hence the effects are more pronounced as you take it regularly.

How to measure small Noopept dose?

The average dosage of the stimulant Noopept varies from 7mg and goes up to a maximum of 40mg per day. However, since the dosages are small and the compound is also found to be potent, it is recommended to get a weighing scale before consuming the compound. You can also use one of the micro milligram scoops available in the market.

Noopept measuring scoop

Best way to take Noopept

Noopept sublingual

The drug Noopept can be taken either orally or via sublingual method. When you take Noopept dosage orally, the same needs to be broken down by enzymes hence the effects are little reduced than what one would expect. The Noopept effects would be still present since it is a very strong compound. However, if you take Noopept sublingually, the compound will be absorbed entirely, and the effects will be stronger and faster. The Sublingual method of taking a medicine refers to a method of keeping the medicine under the tongue for a while it dissolves slowly along with your spit and gets absorbed in the bloodstream. It is considered to be the most effective way for a drug to be get mixed in our bloodstream faster.

Noopept in the morning vs. Noopept before bed

Noopept is brain stimulants whose effects include improve in alertness, activated areas of brain hence in case you consume the compound at night just before your bedtime, the effects may not allow you to sleep. Mornings are the ideal time to take the drug Noopept since it is the time of the day where we require to be focused, energized, etc.

How long does Noopept last?

Noopept has a unique feature of having the shortest half-life when compared to all the other nootropics. The half-life is, in other words, the time taken by the compound to be reduced to half its quantity in our bloodstream. The stimulant Noopept has a half life of 30-60 minutes which clearly denotes the potency.

You may note that half life does not have any relation to the duration of effect of Noopept in our body. A lot of clients who have used the product along with the clinic studies have attested to the fact that the effect of Noopept last for somewhere between 3 -4 hours after consuming the compound.

Side Effects of Noopept

Even though Nootropics as a whole have been classified to be the wonder drugs or the smart drugs, the benefits from Noopept is unmatched anywhere in this segment of drugs.

However, there are some side effects for the drug Noopept also. When you take the stimulant Noopept for improvement in your cognitive functions, sometimes you are likely to experience some minor headache, restlessness, nervous, etc. These side effects are indications that the dosage of Noopept that you have employed is high for your individual physiology.

Also, Noopept as a compound; when taken along with the stimulants containing amphetamines enhances the effects of the said stimulants. This can lead to sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, etc. hence you are advised to check the compatibility of the two drugs before taking them.

Noopept Stack

Nootropics are wonder drugs or smart drugs that are taken to improve your concentration levels, IQ levels, alertness and other similar cognitive functions. They are generally taken along with one or two supplements, and this resulting combination is known as a nootropic stack. These are known to have positive effects on focus, memory, motivation, etc.

Noopept being the most widely available nootropic in modern times has been extremely successful in improving mental, cognitive functions such as reasoning, awareness, concentration, etc.

Hence combining the Noopept drug with other stimulants and smart drugs will strengthen the benefits of the nootropic and also allow your brain related functions to be faster and more efficient.

There are two ways to create Noopept stacks. One is that you can buy a preformulated stack from the manufacturers who deal in supplements and you will have the combination of Noopept along with the other stimulants already created.

You can also make a custom stack. You can do your research on the various stimulants available in the market which are in line with your requirements and create a capsule accordingly.

There are advantages and disadvantages in both the methods. While going with a preformulated stack gives you the assurance and saves you the hassle of choosing and researching various compound, it also takes away the opportunity to experiment with the dosage and composition of the stack.

On the other hand, when you go for a custom stack, you will have full freedom in terms of creativity and control over the dosages and pricing however you would have to spend a lot of time in research and consulting before you can finalize on the stack.

Some of the most common and famous Noopept stacks are Choline and Noopept, Phenylpiracetam & Noopept, Phenibut & Noopept, L-theanine & Noopept, etc. All of these stacks are designed for various usages. For example, if you try the Choline and Noopept stack you will understand that the same is mainly meant to boost your memory and cognitive skills while Phenibut & Noopept is a very fun and important stack. This stack makes your social life fun by improving your sociability, mood, and alertness.

L-theanine & Noopept stack is known for its calming effect coupled with a relaxed mood. These stacks are to be consumed at lower dosages only, and any allergic or adverse reaction should be treated on priority.

Where to buy Noopept?

Noopept is available for sale in India, US, Australia, Canada, etc. However, it is majorly available in online stores only and is very rarely available in traditional brick and mortar stores. Some of the major websites through which you can procure the drug Noopept are absorbyourhealth.com, amazon.com, ebay.com, nootropics.eu, fromrushop.com, intellimeds.com, nootropicsdepot, peaknootropics, etc.

where to buy noopept

However, you should be careful before ordering Noopept online since a lot of the websites are fake, and you may end up losing money over the same. You can read the independent reviews for the manufacturers as well as the website before making a purchase to be on the safer side.

Some of the stores to avoid as per user reviews would be cerebral health, smart powders, etc.